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Ecommerce Mind is a blog about e-commerce. We post useful tips, hacks and articles to help you grow your business empire online.

20 Free Multipurpose WordPress Themes

When it comes to WordPress themes, the choices out there are a dime a dozen, we have WordPress starter themes suited for advanced developers. We also have beautiful premium WordPress themes that you can afford for an affordable price. And of course we have WordPress Themes that are easy to ...

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50 Free Payment Methods & Credit Card Iconsets

Icons are essential elements of any e-Commerce website, especially when it comes to payments. The icons allow the website to stay minimalistic, but informative and functional at the same time. These tiny stamps of payment and credit card images can also make your website look more trustworthy, especially when it ...

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Intuitive UI & How it Can Help Improve UX

If you see two user experience designers talking to each other, the topic of discussion would most probably be revolving around “intuitive user interface”. For any design project these days, the foremost criteria is probably on how to make it intuitive. In fact, intuitive has become the most common adjective ...

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Resources & Tools for Digital Designers and Agencies

It’s always in the web designers’ and design agencies’ best interest to keep abreast of new technologies and the latest trends in web design. Resources for stock images, fonts, and other design elements are constantly being expanded and improved upon, design tools are continually upgraded, and new productivity-promoting tools appear ...

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5 New & Unusual Ways to Earn Extra Money

Most people would like the opportunity to earn some extra cash. As it stands, a whopping 63% of Americans do not have enough savings to pay for a $500 emergency without resorting to conscious cost-cutting measures or borrowing money – from friends and family if they’re lucky, from credit cards ...

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