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11 Books Every Ecommerce Entrepreneur Must Read


If you want to become great, become a great student first. Reading books about ecommerce is not only interesting, it will also teach you more about the ins and outs of our ever growing business.

We put together a list of 11 books every ecommerce entrepreneur must read. These include books specifically about online commerce, as well as other titles you just can’t miss out on.


The Everything Store

This biography of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos takes you on a tour through Bezos’ mind and the early history of the company. Did you know that Amazon first started out of a garage? And that Amazon was not even profitable until early 2015?

Besides giving an intriguing insight into Amazon’s growth, the book also portrays Jeff Bezos’ persona and how his unwillingness to give in took Amazon beyond established retailers like Barnes & Nobles and Walmart.

If you are in the ecommerce business, this little masterpiece should have a prominent place on your bookshelf.


Don’t Make Me Think

If you’re in any way involved with website (which I know you are), you must consider Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug. This book isn’t about retail or ecommerce in particular but about web usability and development.

Even if you don’t develop any web content yourself, this book should be on your list, simply to get a grasp of the concept. It is easy to read and very entertaining.


Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World

Yes, the word social in the title refers to social media. This book tells marketers how they can improve their social media strategies. The book also stresses that content should be created for specific platforms instead of all at once. For example: content tailored specifically for Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and so on.


Zero to One

The author of “Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future”, Peter Thiel is a multi-billionaire and cofounder of online payment platform PayPal. In this book, he outlines the basic principles needed to go from zero to one: inventing the next big thing.

Thiel’s controversial stance on traditional startup mentality is inspiriting and gives the reader a fresh outlook on starting a business. The book contains a number of refreshing insights and personal truths that you won’t get from other books on similar topics.


What Great Brands Do

Have you ever wondered how established big brands like Nike, Apple and Zappos have achieved their name success? Can anyone replicate it?

In “What Great Brands Do” by Denise Lee Yohn, the author explains that these brands all adopted specific approaches and principles that transformed their ordinary brands into industry leaders.

These fresh ideas come with implementable methods for the reader to use. More than just theory, this book is quite a useful piece for everyone looking to establish their business.


You Should Test That

Another crown jewel that every ecommerce entrepreneur should have read at least once. This book talks about the very essence of selling stuff online: conversions.

The book explains basic concepts as well as step-by-step instructions on how to optimize conversions on your web site.


Convert!: Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion

Even if you don’t design your own websites, the knowledge from this book is amazing. This practical book talks you through basic concepts like understanding your market, evaluating your web copy and doing web analysis.

All methods are easy to implement and the book is easy to read.


Made in Japan: Akio Morita and Sony

Although this book was written before the internet era, the lessons you can learn from this retail innovator are still relevant today.

Akio Morita is one of the co-founders of electronics and retail giant Sony. The book takes you through the startup process in post-war Japan, all the way to its creation of the Walkman and other portable devices, as well as their international business successes and failures.


Steve Jobs

Walter Isaacson’s worldwide bestseller “Steve Jobs” not only inspired a great movie but many entrepreneurs as well. This biography is based on interviews the author had with Jobs himself, as well as those around him.

The book depicts Jobs’ passion, perfectionism, obsession and artistry, while he worked on projects involving personal computers animated movies, music, phones, tablets and more.

I highly recommend this all inspiring book filled with lessons from Jobs himself.


The Thank You Economy

Times have changed and this modern economy requires different strategies than it did 20 years ago. Because of the internet and social media, companies are required to strategize their customer services, sales and marketing much different than they used to.

Renowned entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk talks about these concepts in a practical yet witty manner and gives advice on how to put the “Thank You Economy” principles into action for your own business.


Delivering Happiness

When I first heard this title I thought it was Coca Colas new slogan. I was wrong. This book is written by Tony Hsieh, he CEO of internet mega retailer Zappos. He believes that by creating a company that values happiness, you can make a huge difference and reach remarkable heights.

And he’s right. Zappos has become one of the largest, most well-known internet retailers in the world. Hsieh shares a very interesting view on his company and the lessons he has learned in business.

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