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15 Most Inspiring Shopify Stores of 2016

Known for its great design and easy-to-use interface, Shopify is home to some of the most inspiring webshop designs on the net. We’ve selected 15 of the best Shopify stores to take inspiration from in 2016.


1.  Biolite

BioLite Website Screenshot

What started with a successful, $1 million plus Kickstarter campaign, can now be seen as a beautiful e-commerce store. Not only is the photography on this site amazing, it actually does a great job on visuals all throughout it’s interface.


2.  Corkcicle

Corkcicle Webshop Screenshot

A strong and clear index page layout that won’t let a visitor get lost. Their beautifully laid out products page combines function with design.


3.  Rug & Home

rug and home website screenshot

Here’s a good example of a webshop with a large assortment of products, being efficient in indexing them. Rug & Home is one of the largest online retailers in rugs, yet they’ve made an easy-to-navigate e-commerce store.


4. Lunet Eyewear

Lunet Eyewear Webshop Screenshot
A great example of keeping the homepage clean and simple while maintaining easy navigation. All other pages are clean and simple as well, making sure users are quarantined while browsing to buy.

5. DodoCase

DodoCase Webshop Screenshot
They make handcrafted tablet cases and their web store is absolutely amazing. Creative and stunning design that definitely grabs and holds your well deserved attention.

6. GoPole

GoPole Website Screenshot
This is absolute eyecandy for every website owner. Great design, good functionality, easy to use and efficient as can be.

7. Eat Boutique

Eat Boutique Webshop Screenshot
A vintage-like design meets a minimalist layout. The clean and easy-to-navigate store works very well here.


8. Rue Marcellin

Rue Marcellin Webshop Screenshot
If you like vintage stuff, you will definitely love this Shopify store. It has a very tight and simple design with beautiful vintage images and videos.

Their shop page allows visitors to search for a very wide spectrum of search criteria. Ideal for this product and niche.


9. Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch Webshop Screenshot
Simple homepage with full-width images and shop categories. They have found some simple and creative ways to navigate categories and products.


10. Litter

Litter Webshop Screenshot
Simple functionality and an interesting way to navigate. Has great quality images which sets the atmosphere.


11. Luhsetea

Luhsetea Webshop Screenshot
This beautiful store should get an award for the most creative design.


12.  Flint and Tinder

Flint and Tinder Webshop Screenshot
Great design with some surprising styling choices. Very easy to navigate and the site tries to tell you a story.


13. Superprjkt

One of the most creative designs I’ve seen for a menswear brand. Their style involves lots of cool illustrations and Japanese characters.

Product pages are kept simple and they only sell a small selection. Overall, very creative and well done web store.

14.  Rowdy Gentleman

Rowdy Gentleman Webshop Screenshot
Creative yet simple homepage.

15. TwigCase

TwigCase Webshop Screenshot

This one is quite different from any of the above listed sites. Not as extravagant as some, I do like their simplistic layout.

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